Dr (Col) V K Wadia is a renowned medical doctor with 35 yrs of practice. His expertise in treatment of Sex Problems, and effective result oriented counselling in Marriage & Relationship has won many accolades.

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Tele-Counselling/ Counselling on Skype by Dr Wadia

For patients unable to make a visit to the clinic personally, this option allows to obtain Sex & Relationship Counselling from Dr.Wadia over the phone or on Skype.

Counselling is a potent tool as all 'Sex & Relationship problems' irrespective whether physical or psychological, ultimately become psychological & thus, are highly amenable to counselling. However, tele/Skype counselling does not permit prescribing drugs, for which physical examination of the patient at the clinic is mandatory.

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Appointments can be requested between 10am-8pm (Monday to Saturday). Please fill in the details and Dr. Wadia will contact you over email/SMS to confirm or to reschedule to another time. You can also make an appointment by calling on 98911 92777 or 98911 52777 (Delhi)

Payment Options
Payment must be made directly into the bank account.

Once you recieve confirmation via email/SMS, the details of the bank account will be sent to you.

Please note that no medication will be prescribed without an in-person appointment. This is required to verify the medical condition.

Any other questions? Feel free to contact Dr. Wadia through email or phone.

Email: vkwadia@gmail.com

Phone: 98911 92777