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Sex and Relationship

                                                      ………….They lived happily ever-after

The ‘mool- mantras’ of relationship

If ever there is a meaning to life, it is a meaningful relationship.

  • Once accepted, learn to live with your partner the way he/she is. Regret has no place in relationship. Partner is not a cell phone or a computer- you would have got a better model if you had waited.

  • Be empathic. Put yourself in partner’s shoes (or sandals) every time & try to feel the way, partner would have. 

  • Being an open book is an asset. Being discreet is a virtue. Be open without being indiscreet.

  • Have minimum personal space with partner. But respect his/her space within your shared personal space.

  • To love & be loved are important aspects of a gratifying human life. Equally important is to express these sentiments; and that too explicitly. Saying ‘I love you’ repeatedly reinforces the feeling of love in ‘I’ & ‘You’ both.

  • Say ‘ILU’ even if you don’t mean it. You will start meaning it over a period.

  • Have admiration & respect for each other without which love is not possible.

  • Get into the habit of noticing small gestures, and acknowledging them.

  • Never be miser when it comes to communicating- be it sexual communication or nonsexual. An affective communication is the plank of human relationships.

  • Do not take partner for granted. Always give him/her due whether showering appreciation, thanking, giving cards/flowers/gifts etc.

  • Do not do things at the cost of your partner even for a good cause.

  • Nip the problem pre-emptively in the bud before it snowballs. A stitch in time saves nine.

  • Understand the power of mind. Eyes see or miss what mind dictates. So be careful about misperception. Increase self awareness. Keep auto (self) suggesting/self reminding the proneness and danger of falling prey to misperception.

  • Do not trust your perception if it is not in sync with your past experiences.

  • Like a tailor who takes fresh measurements every time, see your partner as if (s)he is more evolved & has perhaps something different to convey this time. This specially holds true when there is relationship discord.

  • Persist with free flowing communication even when you perceive you have been let down badly by your partner & there is no point of discussion. Never shut communication channel. Give partner ample opportunity to express & explain, before forming an adverse opinion or acting there-upon. Postponing retaliation never hurts but once done, can not be reversed.

  • Do not make generalized statements. Whenever arguments break, avoid expressions like ‘I told you!’, ‘Every time’, ‘Last time too’, ‘You are always like this’, ‘Try to understand’, ‘You don’t understand’, ‘If I were in your place’, ‘Your folks’.

  • Do not discus previous issues till the present-one has been completely discussed- resolved or not. Discus previous issues only if inescapable. In that case too, discus them chronologically backwards.

  • Try to substitute ‘You’ with ‘We’ for blames, and ‘I’ with ‘Us’ for taking credits; even if they are figuratively incorrect.

  • There is no place for ego in relationship. Keep ego under check. Winners in arguments may actually be losers in life.

  • Do not use offending words. Convey differences subtly.

  • Be tolerant. Have the flexibility to accommodate & the will to sacrifice.

  • Try to forgive. Not forgiving leads to brooding & continuous heart-burn.

  • Never brood. It puts you in a negative pool. Nip it as soon as it starts-else it becomes increasingly difficult.

  • Have courage & conviction to admit your mistake. Do not feel shy of using word ‘sorry’ when warranted.

  • It removes heart-burn cuts the arguments short. If said with genuineness, it may in fact further strengthen the bonds.

  • Use liberally alternative expressions for ‘thank you’. Often a hug or a kiss or a look conveys more than the word.

  • Plan small things of life together. Enjoy smaller issues- bigger are relatively few.

  • Be honest & truthful to your partner. Have sense of commitment & belongingness.

  • Take out ‘couple times’ whether in nuclear or joint family.

  • Plan quality time together. Try to have common hobbies & sports.

  • Give pleasant surprises. Be a child more often.

  • To laugh & make the other laugh is an invaluable asset. A good sense of humor prevents wounds to occur; acts as a soothing balm if they do.

  • Pay due attention to sex life. Don’t let sexual monotony/boredom creep in. Be innovative & creative.

  • Maintain novelty as much between the sheets as outside.

  • Attach lot of importance to ‘foreplay’.

  • Attach equal importance to ‘afterplay’.

  • It is important to understand that professional counselling- whether sexual or relationship, is a very effective tool.

  • ‘Relationship counselling’ works in the right hands. However it should be resorted to only when all other means have been exhausted; at the same time not delaying it so much that the reconciliation becomes impossible.

  • There are no ready-made, customized solutions for relationship blues. Relationship counselling does provide answers to these problems. It provides clarity of vision to both parties thereby, empowering them with the capability of handling future crises on their own.
  • Why is there a relationship discord?

    There are times when people find themselves against roadblocks in a relationship. The issues may apparently appear to be irresolvable or insurmountable. Often, it is not because of the gravity of the problems between the two but is the result of the clouding of vision on part of one or both. The affected parties usually fail to read each other’s mind. They are no more able to analyze the problem in an unbiased, logical fashion. In fact there comes a stage when they talk to each other with such preconceived notions that they stop registering or assimilating the other’s view point. This leads to what is called relationship discord.

    How exactly does relationship counselling help?

    Like stated earlier, there are no quick-fix or tailor made solutions of relationship discord even at the hands of the counselors. In fact counselors never offer solutions- they empower counselees with the capability to analyze the problems themselves- realistically & rationally. This empowerment helps them at that point of time, and subsequently too in overcoming such challenges on their own. Counselors, by virtue of being specially trained professionals with neutrality, are better positioned to look at the problem from the top, analyze and offer the right perspective to the counselees so that the counselees themselves feel empowered to mend the fence.

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