Dr (Col) V K Wadia is a renowned medical doctor with 35 yrs of practice. His expertise in treatment of Sex Problems, and effective result oriented counselling in Marriage & Relationship has won many accolades.

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Importance of Sex

Sex is inevitable- almost: Next to survival, the most primitive & primal human instinct is sex. Inevitable or not, sex and sexuality are important for overall personality. It is not possible to stay happy or contribute effectively to the self or society if an individual is sexually inadequate or frustrated.

Sex is important for:
Procreation:The universe would cease to exist devoid of Procreation (producing children). It is essential for preservation of human species.
Pleasure: Foreplay & Orgasm in sex give pleasure that is unmatched.

Physical Health: Sex hormone, high level of which can be maintained only if there is a regular sex, is not only needed for sex but is essential for many attributes of physical health. It has been unequivocally established that people with lower levels of Testosterone- the main male sex hormone, tend to suffer from depression, the cognition impairment (risk of memory loss, Alzheimer disease), pot belly, poor muscle mass & and the reduced bone density (osteoporosis). People, who indulge in regular sex with a steady partner, stay healthier even in old age.

Mental health: Sex is considered to be a big stress buster. It releases physical & mental tension, gives a sense of psychological fulfillment, enhances body image & boosts self-esteem.

Intimacy: Perhaps the biggest role that sex plays in human life is the strengthening of the bonds of intimacy between two steady partners. Often it is said that bed is the place where all the tensions between two loving partners, end.

Spirituality: Some have talked very passionately of role of sex in spirituality wherein it has been equated with salvation (‘Nirvana’ or ‘Moksha’). There are ancient references which say that sex (Kama) is one of the 3 doors (dwars) or paths leading to salvation (Moksha)- the other 2 being riches & duty (Dhan & Dharma).

Even present day contemporaries have been found to echo similar views. Dr Deepak Chopra, M.D, an accomplished author & a prominent voice of Eastern philosophy, and Chairman and Co-Founder of the California-based ‘Chopra Center for Wellbeing’, has this to say:
“The peak experiences of sexuality such as orgasm, are characterized by a state of consciousness where there is a sense of timelessness, loss of ego, naturalness, vulnerability, surrender and defenselessness. This is a spiritual state. If we could be like this all the time, we would be enlightened.”

Various researches show that regular sex with a caring partner:

  • Burns calories & tunes Muscles.
  • Improves circulation reducing thereby the risk of Cardiac diseases.
  • Relieves Migraine, reduces Arthritic pain.
  • Gives a sense of fulfillment- Physical, Psychological & Emotional.
  • Is rejuvenating, leaves an afterglow, and makes one look younger.
  • Slows down age-related changes like Osteoporosis, Memory impairment (Alzheimer).
  • In WOMEN regulates Periods, makes Menopause easier; lessens Miscarriage/Stillbirths; increases Fertility & reduces Menstrual cramps.
  • Releases physical & mental Tensions.
  • Enhances Body image & counters depression.
  • Gives a sense of fulfillment- Physical, Psychological & Emotional.
  • Is rejuvenating, leaves an afterglow and makes one look younger. 
  • Sex is important as a warning/red herring of a future Heart Attack: In addition, Sex problem like ED (Impotence) may be taken as an early warning of an impending heart attack. Sex problems are often seen to co-exist with Diabetes, Dyslipaedemia (deranged fats), Hypertension (high blood pressure) and therefore often gives a clue to look for these diseases & unmask them. “The recognition of ED as a warning sign has led to the concept that a man with ED and no heart symptoms, is a Heart patient until proven otherwise.”

    Sex is important for negative reasons too:  Sex is a very personal world. It acquires a very special place in a man’s life as it is considered to be a symbol of his manliness (mardangi). It has come to occupy the same platform for women, as an issueless woman is often socially ostracized & faces the ignominy of being labeled a baanjh- a social stigma. Sex assumes importance like no other aspect of human life for negative reasons too as sexual inadequacies can break a relationship or a marriage. It can also be a ground for divorce & matrimonial alimony/compensation.

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    Next to survival, the most primitive & primal human instinct is sex. Inevitable or not, sex and sexuality are important for overall personality & happiness.

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