Dr (Col) V K Wadia is a renowned medical doctor with 35 yrs of practice. His expertise in treatment of Sex Problems, and effective result oriented counselling in Marriage & Relationship has won many accolades.

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For patients unable to make a visit to the clinic personally, this option allows to obtain Sex & Relationship Counselling from Dr.Wadia over the Phone or Skype, and receive an opinion about possible treatment options.

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Dr. Wadia’s Expertise

Dr (Col) V K Wadia, VSM - awarded Vishisht Seva Medal by the President of India, has a long experience of addressing all issues related to Sexuality viz. Sex, Relationship & Marriage. This includes:

Diagnosis of Sex Problems, and their treatment by Drugs & Psycho-therapy (both for men & women)

The Invent of Viagra brought a sexual revolution in diagnosis as well as treatment of sex problems. It also motivated qualified doctors to jump into the field of Sexual Medicine. With diagnostic tools as advanced as Penile Doppler (Penile Doppler is to 'penis' as Cardiac Doppler is to 'heart'), and a wide menu of treatment modalities, management of most sex problems including the most dreaded Impotence- also called ED (Erectile Disorder) & Premature Ejaculation, is possible these days. Read this article on Sex Therapy to learn more.

Sexual Counselling

Since sex is one’s very personal world with no reference points available, people often are not able to gauge whether they are leading a normal sex life or not. Sexual counselling is required by everyone, even those who
perceive their sexual life to be normal. Counselling empowers the couples with
the science of ‘art of loving’ to enhance their sexual pleasure. Read this article on Sexual Counselling to learn more.

Relationship Counselling

The only meaning to life if ever, is a meaningful relationship. It satiates the basic primal human urge of having a sense of belongingness & sharing. Good relationship is the plank of gratifying sex too. A Relationship can't be taken for granted & requires working upon all the time. Relationship counselling helps in improving verbal/nonverbal, sexual/ nonsexual communication so as to prevent relationship crisis, or to manage if it occurs. The counselling helps overcome biases & prejudices, clouding of vision etc. Read this article on Relationship Counselling to learn more.

Pre-marital (before marriage) Counselling

Post marriage is an enigma- a mystery because Men are from Mars & Women from Venus. They have diverse physical, emotional & sexual needs. Awareness about selection of partner, 1st night, consummation of marriage, conception, contraception, the art & science of making love & preservation of marriage are a-must-know for all, to lead a happy married life. Read this article on Pre-Marital Counselling to learn more.

Marriage Counselling (marriage concerns & crises, painless separation/divorce)

Any marriage more than a week old, has reasons for divorce. A stitch in time saves 9. Fighting sexual monotony & effective communication helps. Read this article on Marriage Counselling to learn more.

Adolescent Counselling

A sudden spurt in hormones in adolescence results in rapid physical, sexual & emotional changes. Inability to understand your own body & its needs, sexual curiosity, sexual myths, inhibition about talking about sexuality, non-availability of credible information, peer pressure, proneness to risky sexual behavior because of hormonal surge, urge for sexual experimentation- all lead to confusion, anxiety, awkwardness and at times- low esteem; unless addressed specifically. Knowledge is strength. Read this article on Adolescent Counselling to learn more.

Sex Counselling for Aging

Various studies have revealed that age does not significantly diminish the need and desire for sex; so long as the partner is available & a person’s health permits. Researches have further conclusively proved that physical capacity for male erection, the female lubrication-swelling vaginal response, and orgasm both in male and female continue almost indefinitely. To achieve the same, the methodology or the sexual behavior may need certain modifications. Read this article on Aging and Sex to learn more.

Counselling for Sexual Myths

The body is where the mind is. And sex is more between the ears than thighs. Sexual myths are the most rampant myths after religious myths. Let not myths thrive on quacks & quacks thrive on myths. Read this article on Counselling for Sexual Myths to learn more.

Counselling for LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Trans-Sexual)

All good- as also bad, things are in the mind. Can’t afford to be an Ostrich with the head in sand. Identify your sexual identity & orientation, and learn to live peacefully with it.