Dr (Col) V K Wadia is a renowned medical doctor with 35 yrs of practice. His expertise in treatment of Sex Problems, and effective result oriented counselling in Marriage & Relationship has won many accolades.

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For patients unable to make a visit to the clinic personally, this option allows to obtain Sex & Relationship Counselling from Dr.Wadia over the Phone or Skype, and receive an opinion about possible treatment options.

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Dr. Wadia's Expertise

Prevention, treatment & comprehensive therapy for sex & relationship problems

Prevention of sex & relationship problems

Mind is the biggest sex organ of the body. Relationship is all about how to avoid mis-perceiving & mis-communicating which again depends on the mind. Also, mind is quite amenable to counselling. So an eclectic effective counselling goes a long way to arm a person with the right perspective of sex & relationship, to obviate the very likelihood of arising of such problems thus preventing them altogether. Counselling is indispensable for treatment of sex problems at all ages, in adolescence, before marriage, after marriage, around menopause & andropause, and in old age too.

Diagnosis of Sex problems, and their treatment by Drugs & Psycho-therapy (both for men & women)

Accurately identify and treat sex problems like reduced Sexual Desire, lack of excitement, Sexual overdrive, Sex addiction, poor or no orgasm, painful sex, Infertility etc. in men & women both; and Erection problem (Impotence) and Premature/delayed Ejaculation in men utilizing advanced diagnostic tools like the Penile Doppler, semen analysis, hormonal assays, USG & other radiological tests. (Read more)

Sexual Counselling

People often are ignorant about whether they are leading a normal or abnormal sexual life. Sexual counselling is required by anyone, even those who perceive their sexual life to be normal. Counselling empowers the couples with the science of ‘art of loving’ to enhance their sexual pleasure. (Read more)

Relationship Counselling

A good relationship is at the core of sexual interaction. A loving & lovable partner is the biggest aphrodisiac. (Read more)

Pre-marital (before marriage) Counselling

Men are from Mars & Women from Venus, with diverse physical, emotional & sexual needs. Selection of partner, guidance for 1st night, consummation of marriage, conception, contraception, the art & science of making love and preservation of marriage are important things to be aware of. (Read more)

Marriage Counselling (marriage concerns & crises, painless separation/divorce)

Any marriage older than a week has reasons for divorce.Understanding the finer nuances of the marriage intricacies, fighting sexual monotony & learning effective communication are important to keep marriage intact. (Read more)

Adolescent Counselling

Sudden spurt in hormones in adolescence leads to rapid physical, sexual & emotional changes; and setting in of sexual orientation & gender identity. It is important that the youth does not get caught off guard. (Read more)

Sex Counselling for Aging

Sex in old age was considered with a derisive humor and was labeled as lecherous. The perception has widely changed now. Counselling helps
understand how one can stay sexually active all thru’ the life by adopting newer sexual techniques. (Read more)

Counselling for Sexual Myths

Sexual myths are the most rampant myths after religious myths. Don’t let your negative beliefs limit your sexual abilities. (Read more)

Counselling for LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Trans-Sexual)

Helping you understand your gender identity & sexual orientation and to face the inherent challenges.

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